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Chinese history & art Palace Museum, Beijing (visited June 2010)

National Palace Museum, Taipei (visited February 1981, May 2011)

Hong Kong Museum of History

Korean history & art National Museum of Korea (visited May 2012)
Japanese history & art Tokyo National Museum (visited 1980s)

Nara National Museum (visited May 2009)

French history & art The Louvre

Versailles (visited October 1981)

British history & art The British Museum (visited October 1981)
American museums National Museum of Natural History (visited March 1992)
Canadian museums National Gallery of Canada (visited July 2006)

Canadian Museum of History (name changed in 2013, formerly the Canadian Museum of Civilization (visited July 2006)

Canadian War Museum (visited July 2006) and Battle of Hong Kong 1941

If there is a ranking in the above table, it is according to the geographical distance from China.



From the Gardener: Louis Chor. Canada, December 1996. Updated August 2018.