But now as the twelfth dawn after this shone clear
the gods who live forever marched home to Olympus,
all in a long cortege, and Zeus led them on.
And Thetis did not forget her son's appeals.
She broke from a cresting wave at first light
and soaring up to the broad sky and Mount Olympus,
found the son of Cronus gazing down on the world,
peaks apart from the other gods and seated high
on the topmost crown of rugged ridged Olympus.
The Iliad / translated by Robert Fagles





そういうことなのだ。(高行健 霊山 飯塚容訳)

一時雁影橫空,蟬聲四徹。余垂首環行於姨氏庭苑魚塘隄畔,盈眸廓落,淪漪冷然。 余默念晨間,余母言明朝將余兄妹遄歸,則此地白雲紅樹,不無戀戀於懷。 (蘇曼殊 斷鴻零雁記)