Nankai Jinja, Hong Kong (South Sea Shrine), 1942-1945

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Nankai Jinja (the South Sea Shrine) was built in 1942 by the 2nd China Expedition Fleet of Japan in its headquarters that occupied the original Victoria Barracks of the British forces in Central District, Hong Kong island. Given its nature, the shrine may be regarded as an overseas branch of the Yasukuni Shrine network. What is left of the South Sea Shrine today is its stone name tablet. This tablet had been standing at its original location for 38 years in the Victoria Barracks of Headquarters British Forces Hong Kong until the HQ returned it to Japan in 1980. Presently this rare name tablet is on display in the Yushukan war museum in Yasukuni Shrine, central Tokyo.

Originally the name tablet was placed at the entrance to the South Sea Shrine.

The name of the shrine on the tablet was the calligraphy of Lieutenant General Hara Kiyoshi (surname first), commander of the 2nd China Expedition Fleet, 1942-1943.

Usually the Gardener has an impulse to visit Yasukuni Shrine whenever he is in Tokyo, the first visit being in September 1982. In the spring of 2006 he was again in Tokyo, and found that the Shrine has more enhancements. The major visible one is the extension wing added to one side of Yushukan (遊就館) , the military museum in the Shrine. New exhibition hall layout, an escalator, an elevator and a cafe are among the new features. Beside the cafe there is a large new souvenir shop.

In 2005 Japan presented the official position on the visits to the Shrine by prime ministers. Here are some comments.

Postage stamp issued on June 29 1944
to commemorate the 75th anniversary (1879-1944) of the formal naming of Yasukuni Shrine which was founded in 1869.

The Yasukuni Jinja in Photos

Photos by W. Y. Chor

Yasukuni Jinja
The 25-metre-tall First Torii gate, facing east, at the front entrance to Yasukuni Shrine, 2000
Name tablet of Yasukuni Jinja
Name tablet of Yasukuni Shrine at entrance, September 1982

Commemorating the 140th anniversary, 2009

Yushukan military museum showing new wing at front, 2006

4th May 2009 towards the hall of worship

The Yasukuni Shrine is a short walk from the Kudanshita (九段下) subway station, in central Tokyo.

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From L. Chor, Canada, December 1997. Updated January 2022.